The Importance of Technical SEO: Keeping Up with Algorithm Updates

The Importance of Technical SEO: Keeping Up with Algorithm Updates

There are two types of SEO. Content SEO involves optimizing the content on your site to make it rank higher on search pages. Technical SEO concerns making changes to your website so search engines can crawl, index, and rank it. That might involve improving the speed of your website and optimizing it for mobile devices. Learning more about the importance of technical SEO and how to implement it can help you keep up with algorithm updates. 

While both SEO types are important, this blog post will focus on the technical side of search engine optimization. You’ll learn the benefits of enhancing your website for search engines and how it can help you adapt to algorithm changes.

Search Algorithm Updates and Technical SEO

Search engine algorithms used to focus on content optimization when determining rankings. A site could get a prominent position on search pages by including relevant keywords in its content. While that approach worked in the early days of SEO, things have changed. Now, algorithms consider various factors when ranking pages. 

Take Google. Its algorithm evaluates user experience when deciding which sites should appear at the top of its results pages. It favors usable pages over less usable ones, making technical SEO more critical than ever. That means you need to improve the technical aspects of your site if you want to improve your rankings. 

Search engines like Google constantly change their algorithms. So it’s difficult to know which technical aspects these platforms look for when determining user experience. Historically, Google has favored sites that load properly, load quickly, and display correctly on different devices and browsers. That’s why it’s a good idea to invest in an SEO audit. It will help you predict SEO changes that might affect your search rankings.

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The Importance of Technical SEO: Anticipating SEO Changes With an SEO Audit

An SEO audit involves evaluating the different elements of your website that impact its performance in search engines. From a technical standpoint, you can assess whether your site provides a good user experience. An audit might include testing the speed of your site and making sure every page functions correctly. Working with a digital marketing agency ensures you perform an SEO audit the right way. 

An SEO audit will also help you anticipate SEO changes likely roll out in the future. For example, you can identify problems with your site that might one day influence your search rankings. This process is important for improving the position of your site on search results pages. 

After carrying out an SEO audit, you can make changes to your site that improve its search performance. If your site takes too long to load, you can move it to a better hosting provider. If your site doesn’t display correctly on smartphones, you can use custom CSS to make it more responsive. Again, a reputable digital marketing agency can help you with all of these factors. 

The Importance of Technical SEO: Benefits of Technical SEO

Technical SEO might sound like a chore, especially if you have lots of other digital marketing tasks to complete. However, investing time in optimizing your site can pay off in the long run. Here are some technical SEO benefits.

Increase your rankings

Perhaps the biggest benefit of technical SEO is improved search rankings. If your site is stuck on page two or three of Google, optimizing it can prove lucrative. Even fixing a few small website errors can make your site climb higher on search results pages. Technical SEO might take time, but it can improve the visibility of your site on search. 

Improve user experience

Enhancing your site’s user experience helps you rank higher on search engines. However, it also improves customer loyalty and retention. That’s because people are more likely to use a site that provides a good user experience. Improved customer loyalty and retention can also lead to higher engagement and more sales. 

Increase website security

Technical SEO involves making changes to your site that can improve its security. For example, Google might favor sites with SSL certificates that enable visitors to access content via an encrypted connection. Technical upgrades like this can make your site more secure and protect customers’ sensitive data.

The Importance of Technical SEO: How to Optimize Your Site for Technical SEO

There are various ways to optimize your website for technical SEO. You will identify which site elements you need to change when performing an SEO audit. Here are some of the most popular technical SEO methods:

Improving website speed

Website pages that take too long to display can hinder user experience. Visitors will hit the “back” button on their browsers if your site takes more than a few seconds to load. Some ways to improve speed include moving your site to a new host, removing slow-loading plugins, and reducing the size of images. 

Removing technical errors

Technical errors can have a detrimental impact on your search rankings. Pay close attention to any broken links, 409 errors, and missing image alt tags. Once you have fixed these issues, you might notice your site appears higher on search pages. 

Creating an XML sitemap

An XML sitemap makes it easier for search bots to crawl and index the content on your site. It’s worth taking the time to create one. If you have a WordPress site, you can install free plugins that will build a sitemap for you. 

Performing regular audits

After your initial SEO audit, it’s a good idea to evaluate your site regularly. That will help you discover any new issues that impact your search rankings. Performing an audit every few months will also let you adapt to new search algorithm updates. 

The Role of Mobile Optimization in Technical SEO

One of the most factors for technical SEO is mobile optimization. This process involves enhancing your site so it displays and loads correctly on smartphones and tablets. Here are some of the ways to improve mobile optimization:

Use custom CSS

Custom CSS is the secret sauce to making your website mobile friendly. CSS is a rule-based language used to design web pages for mobile devices. With CSS, you can change your content’s font, size, and spacing so everything appears correctly on smartphones and tablets. It might take you a little while to learn CSS. However, honing this skill will improve mobile-friendliness and enhance your search rankings. 

Use responsive plugins and themes

If you have a WordPress site, you can install responsive plugins and themes that improve mobile optimization. Doing so removes all the heavy lifting involved with CSS and lets you improve search rankings with little effort. 

Use Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test

Google’s free Mobile-Friendly Test determines whether your site displays correctly on mobile devices. Just enter the URL of the page you want to test. Google will tell you whether it’s usable on mobile. It’s that simple. 

Establishing an Ongoing Technical SEO Process

As previously mentioned, search engine algorithms can change at a moment’s notice. Establish an ongoing technical SEO process that helps you adapt to algorithm updates. Your process should include monitoring rankings regularly with analytical tools like Google Analytics. These tools provide real-time insights into your website’s search performance, so you can see the effect of changes you make instantly.  

Working with a digital marketing agency can also be valuable for technical SEO. An SEO expert identifies the steps to improve your search rankings over time. That will help you increase visibility on search engines and drive more visitors to your content.

Final Word

Technical SEO is just one aspect of search engine optimization. Incorporate it into your digital marketing plan for more successful SEO outcomes. Improving the technical aspect of your website can help your website rank higher on search pages and let you respond to algorithm updates. 

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