Step-By-Step Guide To StoryBrand Your Website

StoryBrand Wireframe Checklist - Step-By-Step Guide To StoryBrand Your Website

In any good story, there is a hero who wants something. This is what drives the plot forward and keeps the audience engaged. In movies, screenwriters are very clear about who the hero is and what they want from the start. Unfortunately, most companies are not nearly as clear… Psst! If your company website is struggling, be sure to download our StoryBrand Wireframe Checklist, linked below!


Make your customer the hero of the story. Consider how your product can help them overcome their obstacles and ultimately triumph.


Donald Miller’s StoryBrand framework is a helpful tool for creating marketing that centers your customer at the heart of your messaging. It can be applied to any number of marketing materials, from website copy to email campaigns.


This article will show you how to use StoryBrand marketing to create a high-converting website.


What Is the StoryBrand Format?

What Is the StoryBrand Format?

The StoryBrand format is a way of structuring your message so that it is clear, compelling, and easy to understand. It is based on storytelling principles and is an effective way to communicate with customers.


The format consists of four elements: the one-liner, wireframed website, lead generator, and email campaign.


Storybrand Step-By-Step Guide: What Is a StoryBrand Marketing One-Liner?


The one-liner is the elevator pitch for your business, and it should be clear, concise, and easy to understand. The one-liner should answer three questions:

  •             What’s the pain point you help your customer resolve?
  •             What’s your unique solution to that pain point?
  •             How does your customer’s life look after their pain is resolved?

Let’s say you have a mobile hairdressing service. Your one-liner might be, “Get your hair done in the comfort of your own home without having to take time out of your busy schedule.”


If you have a plumbing business, your one-liner could be, “We clear your drains so you can have one less thing to worry about.”


Storybrand Step-By-Step Guide: What Is a StoryBrand Marketing Wire-Framed Website?


A wireframe is a basic outline of a website. You can use it to help you plan the layout and hierarchy of your content. When creating a Storybrand website, a wireframe can be an extremely helpful tool. It can help you visualize how you will organize your content and how users will flow through your site.


You can also use it to test different navigation options and identify potential problem areas. Perhaps most importantly, a wireframe can help ensure that your StoryBrand website is clear, focused, and easy to use. Take advantage of our free resource below and download the StoryBrand Wireframe Checklist. Whether you’re redesigning an existing site or building a new one, our checklist will ensure that the finished product is a success.


Get a Free StoryBrand Website WireFrame Checklist

Get a Free StoryBrand WireFrame Checklist

Re-doing your website with StoryBrand marketing principles in mind can seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. Fortunately, a helpful tool can make the process much easier: our StoryBrand marketing and wireframe checklist. This easy-to-use guide will help you make sure you’ve covered all the essential elements of a high-converting website.


Download the StoryBrand Website Checklist.

Storybrand Step-By-Step Guide: What Is a StoryBrand Marketing Lead Generator?


A lead generator is a piece of content you offer in exchange for an email address. The content can be in the form of a PDF or video and is intended to build a relationship with potential customers. Lead generators can be an effective way to funnel potential customers into your sales pipeline.


A great example of a lead generator is a value list. To create a value list that will really stand out to your customers, you need to start by understanding what they find valuable. What are their struggles, and what do they need help with?


Once you know that, you can develop content that speaks to those needs and addresses their struggles. Start by making a list of common questions beginners have, and use that as inspiration for your own value list. Then, build out your content so that it serves your audience but doesn’t give everything away. Your goal is to create interest and trust in your products and services, not to replace them.


Another excellent lead generator is a magazine-style article. Your company is probably already sitting on a goldmine of content you can repurpose.


You can transform a dull document into an attention-grabbing article or pamphlet by changing the format and adding engaging visuals. Just make sure to choose a catchy title and design a sleek cover to help it stand out. You can also combine several popular blog posts on related topics to create a cohesive piece of content. Just be sure to add design elements that make it easy to scan and digest.


Storybrand Step-By-Step Guide: What Is a StoryBrand Marketing Email Campaign?


When crafting your next email promotion, it’s essential to think about what’s going on in your customer’s head. They’re not thinking about your product or service; they’re thinking about themselves and their own story. What do they want? How can you help them achieve it?


When you craft your email with your customer’s story in mind, you’ll be able to connect with them in a more meaningful way and see better results for your business.


Here are a few tips for writing emails that center on the customer as the hero of your brand story:

  1.         Keep it focused. Every email should have a single purpose. Whether you’re sharing a new blog post, announcing a sale, or inviting someone to join your mailing list, make sure your message is clear and concise.
  2.         Make it personal. Address your emails to specific individuals rather than generic addresses like “customer” or “subscriber.” Use natural and friendly language, as if you’re speaking to a friend or colleague.
  3.         Be helpful. Always think about how you can provide value to your reader. Whether it’s useful information, access to exclusive resources, or a special discount, make sure there’s something in it for them.
  4.         Segregate your list. Email campaigns are more successful when they’re targeted to specific segments of your list. By grouping people with similar interests, you can create messages that feel more personal and relevant. Not sure how to segment your list? Here are a few ideas:

            Location: Send different emails to people in different parts of the world.

            Interests: Group people who have signed up for similar content or products.

            Purchase history: Send targeted emails to people based on what they’ve bought in the past.

            Engagement: Segment your most engaged readers and send them exclusive content.




The StoryBrand one-liner, wireframed website, lead generator, and email campaign are four essential marketing pieces every business should have in its toolkit. By using these elements, you can ensure that your marketing communications are clear, concise, and easy to understand. This will help you engage and convert more customers and grow your business.


Get Your StoryBrand Wireframe Checklist


You know that your website should be using StoryBrand marketing. But where do you start? 


It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when you’re starting from scratch. Do I design my own website? Should I use a template? How do I make sure my website is using StoryBrand marketing correctly?


The McCully Media Group StoryBrand Website Marketing Checklist will take the guesswork out of creating your website. This checklist will ensure you’ve covered the essential elements of StoryBrand marketing before you actually put your website together.


Download your StoryBrand Website Marketing Checklist.


Hire McCully Media Group To Get Your StoryBrand Marketing Right


Our team of StoryBrand experts is always here to help if you get stuck.


Investing in a brand-new StoryBrand web design can be a great way to improve your overall marketing strategy. Our team of Fort Worth web designers can help you not only create a unique and compelling copy but also implement it into your website design.


We specialize in responsive web design, ensuring your site looks great on all devices. In addition, we can help you optimize your site for search engines, helping you to attract more leads and customers.


Schedule a call today to learn more about how we can help you take your business to the next level.


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