Behind the Scenes: How a Video Tour of Your Business Can Build Connections with Customers

Behind the Scenes: How a Video Tour of Your Business Can Build Connections with Customers

Creating a video tour of your business is one of the most powerful ideas for behind-the-scenes content. Video tours can be great for customer relations because they help potential customers get a feel for your business and what it’s like to work with you. They also humanize your business for the customer, creating an emotional connection that can help turn them into a loyal customer.

Read on to discover what you need to get started with a video tour, the key benefits, and how to create an engaging video.

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What You Need to Get Started with a Video Tour

Video production is getting more affordable, so creating a video tour shouldn’t have to break the bank. Of course, you could use a video camera if you have one, but if not, modern smartphones can shoot high-quality video footage. It may be handy to have a tripod or ring light to hold the smartphone for static shots. 

It’s also important to think about the lighting for your videos. If you can shoot outside or near a window on a sunny day, that will provide plenty of natural lighting. But if not, you’ll need to ensure the lighting within your building looks good on camera and add lamps or studio lights if it doesn’t.

Video editing is also getting more affordable, with easy-to-use platforms like CapCut and iMovie (for the Mac, iPad, and iPhone), allowing you to turn your footage into a polished video for your customers. You can also find plenty of free stock footage at sites like Pixabay and Canva to help you break up long shots and add variation to your video tour.

Benefits of Creating a Video Tour

A video tour of your business can be a valuable tool for building strong customer relationships. It has many benefits, including:

Emotional Connection

The primary benefit of shooting a video tour is creating an emotional connection with your customers before they ever visit your store or website. It allows them to get to know you and your business before making a purchase, boosting trust.

Social Media Content

Video tours are also great for social media marketing as they provide lots of content for social media posts. You can make video tours into Facebook reels, YouTube videos, TikTok videos, and Instagram Stories. They’re also more engaging than simple photographs or plain text posts, making them more likely to capture your customers’ attention.

Showcase Special Features

Video tours are also a great way to showcase any special features of your business that photographs or text can’t do justice. For example, if you run a restaurant, a video tour can show how chefs prepare the food in the kitchen and how friendly your customer service team is.

Create People-to-People Relationships

Many times people don’t buy from businesses. They buy from other people. The know, like, and trust factor is critical for building relationships with your customers, and a video tour can help you showcase the people and personalities behind the business.

Tips for Creating an Engaging Video Tour

These tips will help make your video tours engaging:

Use a Distinct Style

Start by providing a tour with a distinct style. For example, you could use an “interview” style or a “tour guide” approach. You can also create shorter, themed videos featuring specific departments or areas of your business, such as the kitchen in a restaurant or the shipping department in a store.

Incorporate Engaging Visuals and Audio Elements

Graphics, animation, or background music can set the mood for the video. Additionally, you could provide detailed captions and subtitles and descriptive narration so that viewers can understand key points without their sound on.

Use Q&A Segments, Interviews, and Testimonials

Consider including Q&A segments or interviews moderated by you or a team member, as well as customer testimonials to emphasize the features of your product or service.

Provide Incentives for People to Keep Watching

Provide incentives such as discounts at the end to further promote your offering and drive sales while keeping viewers engaged until the end of the tour. For example, you could tell people at the start of the video that there will be a special offer at the end.

Showcase Your Team

Showcasing the people behind the scenes of a business can be a valuable way to demonstrate an organization’s dedication and commitment to customers and its employees. By giving customers a window into your team’s world, they can gain insights into what makes your organization special, the people. 

Doing this in a video tour enables customers to engage and interact with your team on another level, getting to know them and building familiarity. People are often looking for that personal touch, especially when it comes to buying decisions, so presenting the face of your company through this medium is incredibly powerful. Use this opportunity to introduce detailed stories and profiles about each team member to captivate viewers and heighten customer confidence in your business.

Choosing the Right Format

There are many excellent options for behind-the-scenes content ideas, including:

Immersive 360-Degree Tours

Many prefer an immersive 360-degree approach that allows viewers to explore different vignettes within a space on their own. This helps give a better sense of scale and place for what a business has created.

Short Clips

Short clips highlighting specific features can also provide viewers with an up-close look at certain critical aspects of the business.

Drive-By Tours

Drive-by video tours can show multiple locations or outlets in one package. While driving between locations, you can talk about your company culture and brand’s story.

Virtual Tours

virtual tour is an interactive simulation that allows your audience to explore the space and better understand what the business is offering.

User-Generated Content

Having a customer create a video tour of your business can be a unique, fun way to showcase your business. Pro tip: choose a customer with similar interests to your target audience. That way, they will naturally create content that resonates.

No matter which format you choose, ensure the video tour is well thought-out and carefully crafted to engage viewers and maximize its impact. A great tour will keep viewers informed and give them a true sense of what makes your company unique.

Key Takeaways

Creating a video tour of your business can benefit customers and the business owner.

Up-Close Look

Firstly, it provides an up-close look at the inner workings of the business and what it has to offer customers. It’s an opportunity to take them behind the scenes, giving customers a firsthand experience that conveys essential details about who you are and what you do.

Builds Trust

As an added benefit, it can also build trust with potential customers. By showing them how you create your products or services, customers will come away with a deeper understanding of how you operate and why they should feel comfortable investing in your product or service.

Creates Powerful Visuals

Creating a video tour also gives brand supremacy by involving powerful visuals that help create deeper connections and long-lasting relationships between businesses and their customer base. 

Showcase Your Brand Values With Expert Video Production

Looking to nail your social media marketing strategy with engaging content like video tours? Our team of experienced professionals at McCully Media Group will develop effective video tours customized to fit your brand’s needs. Every tour highlights your company’s unique features and services, allowing prospective customers to get an immediate introduction without ever leaving their homes or office. Clients who view the videos become even more motivated to visit you in person, allowing you to capitalize on every opportunity. Let McCully Media Group help make it easier for clients to find and connect with your business. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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